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Made some beef burgers with a provolone centre and lemon zest mixed in, mayo garlic lemon juice aioli, and rosemary garlic oven fries. No greens because I’m a fucking caveman.

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Finally doing a menu again this week. Provolone stuffed burgers with rosemary oven fries; miso-mustard and yuzu (lime) pork chops with green beans and jasmine rice both from Goodfood, and from Bourdain, spaghetti with garlic, anchovies, and parsley. I've never cooked with anchovies before, I'm kind of excited.


Made some "bacon and egg spaghetti" for dinner. Not so great, going with coal miner pasta next time. Same thing only not as good.


What's a good substitute for tarragon wine vinegar? Well, according to one site, it's easy, you simply get some tarragon leaves and steep them in wine vinegar for a while.

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After trying twice, discovered you can't simply double up ingredients on the bacon & egg coal miner's pasta. Also, better with dry white instead of a Riesling. My whole kitchen smells of garlic after trying a double portion of this.


No photos because I'm a dumb dumb.

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deleted and redrafted last nights post to add a cw

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Crispy rice with baby onions, sautéed pork chops, rice prepped with garlic and a little bit of soy sauce for finishing.

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Sumac chicken thighs with labneh sauce, sugar snap peas and radish salad over bulgar pilaf. Source; Good Food box. Rating: 3/5. Could have used something to brighten it, some lemon juice maybe, and some zest with the chicken.

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I deleted my first two test posts, so this will do for a placeholder.


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