Baby’s first scrambled eggs (I was today days old before I made them somehow - I never really liked them I guess.) Cooked with baby’s first clarified butter.

Image descriptions: a shallow bowl of scrambled eggs unadorned; same bowl with bacon and pepper added; and a little mason jar half full of clarified butter.

food mention 

Cowboy Spaghetti - Rachael Ray’s Express Lane Meals. No photos of the nomz but it’s pretty standard spaghetti in tomato sauce. It’s a meal that is actually almost better the next day nuked, just make sure there’s enough sauce. Regular bacon can’t stand up, 3 smoked is too much. Franks is ok for a hot sauce to add. I usually use shallots instead of an onion. We’re experimenting to find the right cheese; Ivanhoe Sharp Old Cheddar is the only sharp I can find and it’s too smooshy.

food components 

I screwed up and forgot to take the "post" photo. Spaghetti in anchovy and garlic sauce, Bourdain's Appetites p139. Not bad, just the right amount of heat, but not great. Might try adding some lemon juice and/or zest next time.


Mustard-miso pork chops with fried green beans and jasmine rice. Accents are green onions and black and white sesame seeds.


Made some beef burgers with a provolone centre and lemon zest mixed in, mayo garlic lemon juice aioli, and rosemary garlic oven fries. No greens because I’m a fucking caveman.

food pic 

Crispy rice with baby onions, sautéed pork chops, rice prepped with garlic and a little bit of soy sauce for finishing.

food pic and description 

Sumac chicken thighs with labneh sauce, sugar snap peas and radish salad over bulgar pilaf. Source; Good Food box. Rating: 3/5. Could have used something to brighten it, some lemon juice maybe, and some zest with the chicken.


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