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Cowboy Spaghetti - Rachael Ray’s Express Lane Meals. No photos of the nomz but it’s pretty standard spaghetti in tomato sauce. It’s a meal that is actually almost better the next day nuked, just make sure there’s enough sauce. Regular bacon can’t stand up, 3 smoked is too much. Franks is ok for a hot sauce to add. I usually use shallots instead of an onion. We’re experimenting to find the right cheese; Ivanhoe Sharp Old Cheddar is the only sharp I can find and it’s too smooshy.

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I put it down with most of a bottle of something called Sandbanks Foch-Baco Noir Sleeping Giant 2018 which was nowhere near dry enough for my taste and too dry for my wife’s. Cannot really recommend but, well, it’s wet.

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