Also my mastodon server setup is (deliberately) obtuse, and nearly a year after setting it up I've finally - I think - automated TLS key management.

Now that I've finally started getting into using the nice cookbooks I have, I get to modify everything for the beetus. This will take some adjustment.

And yes, I realise the last thing I posted was also scrambled eggs, but I've basically been making my way through other-previous cowboy spaghetti, bacon&egg carbonara aka coal miner's pasta, and, well, things like packaged jamaican patties. Tomorrow we'll likely have some curried salmon and cabbage and that should be fine though!

Nero Wolfe's cookbook will tell you to use watercress, which I haven't actually been able to try, but with some S&P and/or hot sauce - good stuff, Frank's is ok but really, get something better, you'll know it - it's better.

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The recipe is actually pretty basic, but that doesn't mean it can't be fucked up. I only use clarified butter, and I put a generous blop into a non-stick pan, then crank that heat and get the butter smoking hot. It's clarified, it can take it! Then you take your whisked eggs, however many you like, put them in the pan, and then immediately start pushing them around. Get the wet stuff folded in, it should only take about 45-60 seconds, and.. that's it.

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A friend told me "scrambled eggs are basic" and I don't think he could be more wrong. Having served in the military, and also having moved all around the country, I can say I've had scrambled prepared all kinds of ways, and while I've had some decent scramblies, the best one is hands-down the kind I make.

That's more or less the original recipe. It calls for 1tbps wooster, 2 tsp hot sauce. I double that up. I also separate the scallion whites from the greens - the greens are for sprinkling, the whites go in with the onion. If you're good, you can probably do this in about 20 minutes. I'm not good, it takes me closer to 45.

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Cook spaghetti to al dente. Heat deep skillet over M-H, add EVOO + bacon. Brown the bacon 3-5 mins and remove to paper-lined plate. Leave a bit of fat in the pan - add beef and crumble as it cooks, 3-4 minutes. Add chopped onion and crushed garlic, stir in. Season with S&P and the sauces. Cook 5-6 minutes more, add the tomato stuff. Dump the spaghetti in and combine. Grate cheese over pasta and sprinkle with scallions.

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Since I just finished eating some, and since my Wintendo just crashed, my favourite spaghetti recipe, so far. Source: Rachael Rae Express Lane Meals.
Ingredients: 450g spaghetti, EVOO, 3-6 slices bacon, 500g ground beef, medium yellow onion, 3-4 garlic cloves, wooster sauce, hot sauce, 600g crushed tomatoes, 250g tomato sauce, sharp cheddar, 4-6 scallions.

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If you're cooking a frozen pre-made thing don't be afraid to add some extra shit on top so it's more interesting.
I swear by frozen bags of cheap nobrand risotto with some balsamic vinegar chucked in for a quick easy meal if you're too tired to cook but need filling up with something pleasant.
Sparse frozen pizzas are a good foundation for something quick and nice too, be creative with it

@Shrigglepuss tis me, georgieboy, from my food account so I can boost your food stuffs. :D

I’ve been told that scrambled eggs are basic and not worth talking about.

a) how dare you, there are so many ways to make them

b) there is only one good way and that’s with clarified butter and the pan as fucking hot as it can get so it takes about thirty seconds to prep

Baby’s first scrambled eggs (I was today days old before I made them somehow - I never really liked them I guess.) Cooked with baby’s first clarified butter.

Image descriptions: a shallow bowl of scrambled eggs unadorned; same bowl with bacon and pepper added; and a little mason jar half full of clarified butter.

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I put it down with most of a bottle of something called Sandbanks Foch-Baco Noir Sleeping Giant 2018 which was nowhere near dry enough for my taste and too dry for my wife’s. Cannot really recommend but, well, it’s wet.

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Cowboy Spaghetti - Rachael Ray’s Express Lane Meals. No photos of the nomz but it’s pretty standard spaghetti in tomato sauce. It’s a meal that is actually almost better the next day nuked, just make sure there’s enough sauce. Regular bacon can’t stand up, 3 smoked is too much. Franks is ok for a hot sauce to add. I usually use shallots instead of an onion. We’re experimenting to find the right cheese; Ivanhoe Sharp Old Cheddar is the only sharp I can find and it’s too smooshy.

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I'm not sure how I'd salvage this one. The parsley wasn't fresh, it had been fresh-chopped then frozen, and I did use 10 instead of the prescribed 8 anchovies, but I don't think that's all of it. Wife suggested ground black pepper but that wouldn't bring it all the way up.

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Bourdain's Appetites. It was not great fresh, and was absolutely fishy fridged overnight and microwaved. Hot sauce just meant my lips were hot when I was tasting fish. My wife's description: "not enough depth of flavour."

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I screwed up and forgot to take the "post" photo. Spaghetti in anchovy and garlic sauce, Bourdain's Appetites p139. Not bad, just the right amount of heat, but not great. Might try adding some lemon juice and/or zest next time.

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Hey cooking pals, do you have cooking goals this year?

I would like to learn to make a good chicken korma.

I'd like to use more foraged and home-grown ingredients.

I'd like to organise the freezer, and figure out how to keep an inventory so I don't keep buying more things that I actually already have but they're buried under frozen peas or whatever.

And I want to start hosting spaghetti nights again.

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In the background: a lime I didn't use (recipe called for yuzu but I used lime juice instead) and a Hacker Pschorr Weisse.

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